Phase #1
Inform all Resident Associations of this idea - using 'word of mouth', press and other media
- Ask Resident Associations to submit their details by filling the FORM
Verify the data and touch base with all Associations.
- Encourage everyone to interact on the Facebook group to understand, debate and find solutions to problems 
- Encourage sharing of past experiences in a knowledge-base so that we can learn from each other.
- Ensure that all members associations are Property Tax compliant and registered societies.
Encourage implementation of STP/water recycling and source segregation of garbage with composting of green wastes
- Form a 'think tank' / 'shadow cabinet' of professionals to debate and find solutions

Phase #2
- Identify persons to represent all the wards/villages that OMR passes through
- Identify persons to take ownership of each problem/department to interact 
Consolidate the problems and debate to find solutions/ideas
- Present the problems and solutions to the authorities.
Follow-up and pressurize for speedy implementation
- Create a knowledge-base from these experiences for easy replication

Phase #3
- Sit back, relax and enjoy living on OMR