Greetings from the Federation of OMR Residents Associations - FOMRRA.

Old Mahabalipuram Road, or OMR as we all call it is about 45km long and extends from the Madhya Kailash Temple, Adyar, in the the north to Mahabalipuram in the south. It is sometimes referred to as the IT Corridor or IT Highway because it is home to many IT/ITES companies. It is also called the Rajiv Gandhi Salai in official documents and referred to as State Highway-49A by the highways department.

The Federation of OMR Residents Associations - FOMRRA - is an apolitical initiative by the residents of OMR to form an apex body of resident associations, to represent and address the long standing legitimate demands, to stand united against official apathy and highlight common civic problems faced by the residents of OMR. 

This initiative is necessitated due to years of inaction by the authorities in providing basic amenities like water and sewage, even though OMR was conceived and blessed by our beloved Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa more than a decade ago.

Hitherto residential associations have been approaching authorities in their individual capacity and this has not yielded any substantial results. FOMRRA will act as the apex body to collectively represent all the residents of OMR to the authorities and help deal with these issues more effectively. 

It is estimated that there are over 200 apartment complexes along the OMR and roughly about 20,000 families staying in these apartment complexes.  This is without taking into count the number of individual residences and small apartment complexes situated on and off OMR. 

It may not be out of place to mention here that we contribute handsomely to the Corporation of Chennai’s exchequer by regular payment of property tax  but suffer without basic amenities.  It is also ironical that we have been asked to pay water tax by the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) without any water lines being laid in our roads. Even their water tankers do not supply water to our homes.  

For over a decade OMR residents have been dependent on private agencies for potable water supplies and sewage disposal. These agencies are operated by cartels and arbitrarily increase prices at their will.  This is putting a huge economic burden on residents of OMR. The average cost of water and sewage on OMR is more than 50 to 100 times when compared to neighboring localities like Adyar or Tiruvanmiyur.

The apathy of the government agencies is apparent as there are no immediate schemes being implemented to provide water and sewage to most of the residential apartments / colonies. Most of the works undertaken are taking a long time to start working and some of them are even being abandoned half way. 

Apart from water and sewage there are other issues of 

  • Traffic jams & Road safety
  • Safety, Security, Law & Order
  • Street lighting & Power Breakdown
  • Water logging & Storm Water Drains
  • Encroachment of public spaces

FOMRRA will take up all these issues, and more, in the purview of its objectives.

FOMRRA is the process of enrolling members and the response from resident welfare associations has been overwhelming. FOMRRA wishes to reach out to all resident associations on and off OMR to enroll themselves as members. 

All Resident Associations that are up-to-date with their Property Tax payments are requested to 
- sign up with their details in this FORM
to register themselves.

A meeting of the enlisted members will be scheduled to discus the formulate an action plan.